Going Away Picnic

We wanted to have a picnic like last year…perfect weather, fun for Owen in the pool, a bunch of friends over, some good food, and a new family photo. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate…and neither did Owen. We got a decent photo out of the 25 attempts…

But it doesn’t even come close to the apparently once-in-a-lifetime shot we got last year (one of two attempts).

But he was super cute the morning of the picnic when he discovered he could climb up onto the bay window ledge in the living room. What fun!

And he loved Gramma Jean’s mower…when it was turned off. She turned it on to give him a ride and it was “NOISY!”

Then Tom helped him pick a flower for me—my first flower! Sigh. :heart:

And last but not least…Gramma Jean got Owen a pop-up tube/tent contraption…which he LOVED. I’m not sure where it’s going to fit in either house, but we’ll have to find a place.

2 thoughts on “Going Away Picnic

  1. GJ says:

    So so cute. Loved all the pictures and posts. Was he saying “hurry” in the video of the slide and hat episode? Hurry, hurry, oh no………..

    Cute pictures of a grand day!

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