I love colorful graphs. And seeing interesting stats like these.

  • I have averaged 3.3 tweets a day and 70 tweets per month.
  • Most of my tweets are around 3pm (237) with 10am and 11am coming in a close second and third (217 and 215 respectively).
  • Most of my tweets are on Wednesday (432).
  • Replies (retweets) account for 13.08% my total tweets.
  • The person I’ve retweeted the most is @SelfishMom (10).
  • The person I reply to the most is also @SelfishMom (34).
  • The top five words I’ve tweeted: Owen (230), www, took, main, mugshot.
  • The top 5 hashtags I’ve used: #yelp (83), #cutetoddler (28), #iphone (25), #hmdwl (23), #ugh (20).
  • I have had 85 twooshes (a 140-character tweet)!

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