What luck.

Ugh. Unbelievable.

So we’ve really been thinking we’ll be sent to California, because we’ve already spent five years in NC and it was HIGHLY unlikely we’d be sent back there. Also, Tom really needs to work for “the wing” (vs. the ground, as he has done already) which also means California. So we’ve been waiting on the word since December.

In the meantime, we have been trying to rent or sell our NC house. Desperately trying. We joked that the minute we rented or sold it, we’d find out we were moving back there. Ha ha. Right. Funny.

Yesterday we find out we have renters for six months.

Today we find out we’re going back to NC, effective July 31.


It’s not really a horrible terrible no-good situation because we couldn’t afford to keep it empty for the four months (until Tom has to be there) but it’s just the type of luck we have. We are hoping since they only wanted a six-month lease that a five-month lease will sound even better. Then, Tom would go live as a bachelor for a month (likely on base) and Owen and I would come down when the house was empty. Unless, of course, we sell it in the meantime.

It’s just so…sucky.

  • Yay—we have renters!
  • Boo—they are only paying $1275!
  • Yay—it’s just for six months!
  • Boo—we need it in 4.5 months!
  • Yay—it will still be on the market.
  • Boo—[with our luck] it will sell shortly after we move in, then we’ll have to move ourselves into a rental.
  • Yay—I could do something like move in with my mom for that month (which means we wouldn’t have to pay rent here), but…
  • Boo—we’d have to live with parents (and without all our stuff) for a month.


Just, ugh.

I’m trying to concentrate on the positives: we will be moving back to a place we have good friends, good neighbors (well, unless we sell the house), are already familiar with the area, and that isn’t a mandatory plane flight from home.

But, still. When are we going to catch a break?

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