What a good weekend…

We had such a great weekend—we didn’t do anything totally awesome, but it was a lot of little stuff that was all good…

Tom had the whole weekend off—amazing in itself. 

I got to sleep in, though I didn’t really sleep in but I got to wake up/get up leisurely. 

I got to go to Target. Alone. For an hour. And got some good deals.

I got in some kitchen time, making garlic butter, garlic oil, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, and Tom made waffles. 

We got to play with Owen in the snow and got some cute pics. 

We got to eat a really good lunch with some new friends (met via Yelp!) and Owen was really well-behaved. 

We had a blast watching Owen run through Party City finding every single ball display…he was just. so. happy!

I got some great cuddle time with Owen.

There was that semi-traumatic haircut in there, but he’s cuter now with short hair…even if his bangs are a little crooked. 

I needed this.

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