Rental Rantiness

I went upstairs to change clothes at 4:30 and there was no power in the MBR. I hadn’t been up there since morning—and I swear I turned the light out on my way out—so what the hell? Yeah, the breaker was tripped, so obviously I did something. I had the lights on and the heater plugged in…which I’ve done before with no problem. But…who the hell knows.

The garage door has an opener, which is a bonus, but it’s a piece of crap door and opener, and has never really worked right, and the last few months it’s started stopping half way and/or closing then opening or whatever. Tom WD40d the tracks which helped for a bit, but tonight it died. It came off the track entirely, then some metal wires got wrapped around something—and of course we were on our way out to dinner. I held the door open so Tom could at least get his car out so it didn’t get stuck…then he had to CUT the wires to get the door to be able to drop closed. And drop it did—damn thing slammed to the ground with a thunderous slam. I hope it’s completely busted and they have to replace the whole goddamn thing. We called the owners and to their credit, they were really worried that our house was left open and vulnerable—and they said they’d call someone first thing in the morning and then call us. We’ll see. I’m not holding my breath.

So we get home from dinner and oops, I don’t have my front door key—I had taken it off for the catsitter and hadn’t put it back yet. And Tom doesn’t carry one. But we have an emergency one (which we placed for this very reason)…which we used…except the screen door was locked (a habit left over from summer when the big door was open and Owen could open the screen door). So we had to cut the screen to unlock the door. (Now, I know this part isn’t technically a rant about the house. But it technically kind of is due to the whole garage door fiasco.)

Then Owen got sick and we had to clean his carpets with the Rug Doctor. That tripped that breaker [a separate one] three times before we found a plug we could use successfully. Well, we were using it but turning on the hall light and [something else I can’t remember] actually tripped it. >:XX Swear to god, they have 15 things on one breaker an then two on another (that you never use).

And it’s all worse because it’s so >:XX cold in here. [Insert last year’s rant.]

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