Garth Brooks Rocks!

Through a bizarre set of circumstances, I ended up flying to Nashville to attend a Garth Brooks charity concert.

And wow. Just…wow.

He was AMAZING. A. MA. ZING. He did a 2-hour show which included (I think) three or four encores.

It was an awesome experience. Especially since I haven’t gone to many concerts in my time… But to hear ~16,000 people singing every word to every song just blew me away. And his energy? Holy crap. I was exhausted just standing, singing, screaming, and applauding for two hours…he had to be dead. But he just kept going and going and going. As I said in my Facebook post, he was “balls to the wall for two straight hours.”

It was just pure awesome, and I am very thankful to how everything worked out in a matter of hours…and how things all came together in the end!

  1. Seeing Garth on Oprah and thinking how I’d love to see his acoustic concert in Vegas.
  2. Me tweeting that if anyone wanted to know what to get me for Christmas, it was “Garth Brooks Vegas.”
  3. A friend of mine from Alabama, Jen, posted a reply that she had an extra ticket for one of his Nashville shows if I wanted to fly down.
  4. My dad and stepmom were planning on being here anyway on that date, so they would be able to babysit (Tom had to work).
  5. Tom agreed I could spend the money—Merry Christmas to me!
  6. A week later I tweeted that I arrived in Nashville—and my friend who lives in Nashville (Laurie, who I graduated high school with) called me to say “I didn’t know you were coming to see Garth HERE! We have to get together!”
  7. My friend with the extra ticket had another extra ticket for MY friend…so we all went together!

Everything was apparently meant to be. And I am a very, VERY happy woman!

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