2010 USMC Birthday Ball

The ball moved to a new location this year—the Atheneum Suite Hotel in downtown Detroit. The rooms were pretty nice, but read the linked review for the whole rundown.

We had been looking forward to a crazy time like we had last year—since we knew more people AND it was an open bar again. However, the alcohol wasn’t really settling well with me (it was giving me a headache), so I was done drinking by about 8. Tom was having no problems, though, and I didn’t see him most of the night (after the ceremony and dinner). And for whatever reason, the music just wasn’t anything I wanted to dance to, so I pretty much sat at the table with a friend of mine (her guy was also working the room) and then after she went back to her room, I sat alone and Tweeted and Facebooked and played Scrabble. Big whoop, eh?

The event was officially over at 11 so I went to find Tom to tell him I was going back to the room…and let’s just say that the rest of the night didn’t go well (I was upset, he was not himself, we fought, I was wide awake, and he was passed out within 10 minutes of getting back to the room). Then the A/C kept me up all night (again, read the review) and I couldn’t wait for morning to get the hell out of there and back home.

So, I got to dress up…and we did get our official picture taken, but that was about all the fun I had, unfortunately. And aside from one cell phone photo, the official pics which we don’t have yet, and a really blurry pic someone took of us, this is the only pic we have:

And the blurry pic, which looks like it would have been awesome if it was in focus!

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