The laptop saga, part 4.

Well, both Dell laptops have been returned, and I am just waiting for them to credit me (which is hopefully sooner rather than later, as I now have TWO laptops on this month’s AmEx bill). That said, I did receive an email from my Costco contact saying that they could send me a $50 gift card for my troubles. In the meantime, I received an email from a separate Costco entity saying they were going to credit my credit card $50 for my troubles. So, I’m waiting to see if I still get the gift card. :)

Also in the meantime, I bought a Toshiba (from Costco locally) but am not loving it—most of all, it’s 15.6″ (which is actually just a hair smaller than Tom’s 17″ laptop) and it’s just TOO big and TOO heavy for me to use as I need it. So, it will be going back.

And Tom is trying to fix my laptop. Which, yes, we should have done in the very beginning… Live and learn.

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