The laptop saga, continued.

So I got the replacement laptop today…and…IT’S THE SAME >:XX ONE.

Costco seems to think they can get it right on the third time, as the lady is sending the issue to “order resolution”—whatever. I told her I had no desire to get a third laptop, and she was all “Well why am I emailing them then?” And I told her so they could figure out why their Dell outlet keeps shipping foreign laptops that don’t match the specs to customers. She didn’t get it. I told her I’ve been without a laptop for three weeks now, and cannot wait another week for this to be resolved and then another week to get a replacement laptop. She didn’t get it.

So I’m letting them do whatever they need to do and I will be laptop shopping elsewhere. I assume I will have to send back a third laptop…

At least now I can send back the second laptop masquerading as the first, so I can at least continue to use the laptop I already have set up with wireless, some programs, etc.

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