I hate my hair. Really. I mean, it CAN look nice, and I guess it could be worse. But today is complete UGH.

Up until I got it cut/colored about four months ago, it was all one length—which made it somewhat easy for blow-drying it straight…but a big lopsided poofy mess when left wavy. So when she cut it, she layered it in such a way that it wouldn’t be a big poofy triangular-shaped mess when I left it curly (YAY!)…but that meant that straightening it was a bigger pain because I was dealing with layers (BOO!). And moreso since the bottom layers are supposed to be curled up and the top layers are supposed to be curled down.

So honestly, since it’s summer, I mostly wear it au naturale because the humidity has been so high and my head sweats and we go swimming now and again…so I want to wash it more often. But when I do try and straighten it, it’s just a mess and I get soooooooooo frustrated.

So Tom’s 20th HS reunion is this weekend, so I thought it would be a good time for a trim and a blow-dry. Of course, they could only get me in last night, but I took it since my hair should still look good three days later (good enough anyway). But then I freaked out at how much it was going to cost—not my normal salon prices ($35 including tip) but ranging from $50-$75! 8| I had a 20% coupon, but still. Then I panicked when I saw the blow-dry/style prices started at $30 and thought there was no way in hell I was paying upwards of $70 for a trim and a style. So I cancelled. Of course today I’m thinking a normal dry/style would be included in the cut price (like it has been at every other place I’ve ever been to) and that the $30 price is just for a style ONLY. So I probably should have gone…but now I can’t make any of the appointments they have left.

So I tried to do my hair this morning. I told myself ahead of time that I would take more time than usual to style it so maybe I would do a really good job and be happy.


I took 100% longer—I usually finish in about 30 minutes but today I took almost an hour…and I don’t love it. I think it looks horrible. The undersides are curling up but not in any logical or consistent way. The topsides are curling down but it’s way poofy. And I even took the time to blow dry small sections, using the right brush, and using the flat iron between sections. GRRR.


Needless to say I’m tempted to go back to no-layers for the winter, because at least then I have a decent shot at having a decent straight hairdo.

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