Missing tags? Ticket! GRRR.

So I got pulled over today. >:XX In the end, it’s a good thing, but in the meantime, it’s a big pain in the ass.

I honestly had NO idea why I got pulled over since I had been at a red light then turned on a green arrow—and I was a bit worried when I saw the cop nose into the turn lane ahead of someone [but behind me] so I watched my speed, etc. So imagine my complete and utter SHOCK when she told me I had expired tags.

Wait, what? Expired CAR tags? No way. Not possible.

I distinctly remembered going to get them. I remembered having parents here babysitting so I didn’t have to drag Owen. I remembered being at the counter and changing my address. But hmmm, I couldn’t find my registration, which was odd—not even an OLD registration. And then I was ticked at myself because I remembered pulling up TO the white line instead of staying back where the cop was (a good car length behind the line—so she was able to see my plates).

So I never found a registration, and she came back and said they were definitely expired and I had no registration on file at the Secretary of State. 88| I actually asked if I could get out and look—saying that I believed her, but I had to see it for myself. Yep, they were 2009 tags. >:XX

When I got home I started to dig through records trying to find any info—my best bet would be the check I know I paid with. I had a voters registration card with a date of June 22, 2009, so I know that’s the date I was in the DMV and would have written the check. (There was a slight chance I only did hubby’s that day but I KNOW I would have done mine via the internet had I been sent the forms in the mail.) But I got nothing—online banking only goes back three months, and this would have been in the June-September 2009 time frame.

I called my credit union, told them what I was looking for, and they actually searched a YEAR’S WORTH of checks and didn’t find anything. I know I paid by check, but I checked credit card statements, too (thinking maybe I was misremembering and did the renewal online) but there wasn’t anything there, either. >:XX Then I remembered another checking account that is barely used because I have been planning on canceling the account, but I didn’t have any account numbers (I recently deleted the online account AND the mint.com connection because I was going to delete the account). GRRRR. I did end up finding account numbers so I called, they found the check, but it was only for a small amount—the amount of Tom’s registration, as it turned out.

I called the Secretary of State to see if they could help me figure out what happened—and they were no big help. They did tell me, though, that the address on file was my Grayling address (even though I changed my license address) for whatever reason. Which means my renewal info went there…except my mom never got it. She got my LICENSE renewal, though. :?:

The most baffling part, really, is that my expired registration was not in the car. I only take it out when I replace it with the new one (just like proof of insurance)…so where did it go? I haven’t needed it for anything else that I can remember…


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