I got cracked!

I went to the chiropractor tonight—something I’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to figuring out because I hate dealing with insurance and it was just never really “that” bad. But ever since Owen, my back has been a lot worse—and if you remember, I threw my back out in December and had to get shots and take major painkillers. So I knew it was time. And then there was an internet deal I found for a local place…so I went, figuring even if I didn’t like it, I was only out $38. And all I have to say is…WOW.

It was originally supposed to just be a consultation, but when she saw the results of my scan, she said “You need an adjustment now.” Yeah, I knew I was broken.

A good scan would be all white—and (I’m guessing from the quick look I had) mine was about 80% color, with a few black spots at my neck (meaning it was the worst). After I laid on the table, she said one leg was longer than the other, which means my hips/pelvis is off, so she did something for that—which was painful, but then I felt relief, so it was all good. Then she took my head gently in her hands and—CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!—twisted and cracked my neck in one swift movement and it was simply amazing. And then she did the other side. AMAZING! Yes, I was one of those patients who had an “OH GOD” outburst because it felt so good. I could tell I would be sore, but it felt SO good to have been cracked.

She recommended me coming back in a few days and then again next week (when they have $10 sessions). Plus then I still have two more coupon visits (which equals about $8/visit). Aside from that, a visit is only $35 so it’s a lot cheaper than I expected—so I could easily afford to go once a month until my spine is back in working order. And they ALWAYS have the $10 Tuesday thing for people with no insurance or high deductibles!

The only negative is that the drive is about 20-35 minutes depending on traffic…but I can live with that for the relief it will surely bring.

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