One of those days…

Ever just have ONE OF THOSE DAYS where a bunch of really little things just add up and make you want to scream? Sigh. Yeah, today’s that day.

  • My good little napper only slept 30 minutes today. The day I had an actual crap ton of stuff to get done while he napped.
  • I went to print an envelope and forgot I didn’t have Word installed. So I installed all that stuff and it didn’t print – oh joy, my printer has disappeared from Windows 7 again and has defaulted to the stupid Microsoft Document Printer.
  • I had to login to paypal to buy/print a shipping label but my phone was syncing so I couldn’t get the security text until I was done with that.
  • I find out that I screwed myself on paypal shipping because I thought “Gee, it couldn’t possibly cost THAT much to send a lightweight instruction manual” so I didn’t actually figure it out. Yeah, it cost 3x as much. I should have charged $1 for the item and $5 for shipping. Ugh.
  • Every kleenex box I went to (only two, but still) were empty.
  • I have dropped just about everything I’ve picked up, or at least part of what I was picking up/moving.
  • I knocked a cup of water off my dresser all over the floor.
  • I want to hang my towel on the bar next to the shower and instead dropped it in the toilet.
  • I dropped my comb in the toilet.
  • Our dishwasher stopped working last night so I went to do dishes today, and none of the stoppers we have fit (actually hold water) so I can’t do dishes in a big sink of water. I have called our landlords and they are supposed to get back to me today. I’ll believe it when it happens.
  • The animals’ water fountain is almost empty, so it’s making ghastly noises and I hate filling it.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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