Pet venting.


I love my animals, I really do. But there are days…

We have a barfer kitty, Miss Bella. I am sure some of you have read my Facebook updates about cleaning cat vomit. Repeatedly. (And I know some of you have experienced it first hand.)

It drives me INSANE.

She has done it ever since she became a cat (I don’t recall her doing it during kittenhood) and she has been to the vet, she has been put on multiple different foods, she has been been on food restriction (which was VERY hard considering we have two cats) and nothing seems to help. She just barfs. A lot. And it’s NEVER hairballs. Sometimes it’s right after she eats (the food is still in big pieces, completely undigested) and we joke we have a bulimic cat. Other times it’s just foam. Other times it’s digested.

Today it’s been twice, once off the couch (which got the couch and wood floor) and once on the exercise mat. Usually it’s the couch or the wall or our bed or something that’s a pain in the ass to clean. And it’s not like you can always put everything away on a shelf or whatnot, because she gets up there, too (i.e. she puked on a camera—let me tell you how fun THAT was to try and clean).

I love her, but after five years, IT’S GETTING OLD. And I can only imagine another—what?—10 years or so of this? Sigh. Sometimes I don’t think I can handle it…or WANT to deal with it. But how can I get rid of her? In the heat of the moment I can easily see it, but in reality there is no way I could do it.

So we trudge on.

Of course, the other cat gets hairballs (and pukes) and one or both of them poop outside the box (and sometimes pee—and we’ve tried a million different solutions, there, too)… and the dog even gets in on the action by barfing now and again (in our bed, just this weekend) and peeing because she doesn’t like to go outside in the winter.

Big sigh.

Sometimes I think life would be so much easier without the animals… but on the flip side I can’t imagine NOT having animals in my life. I just never remember having THIS many issues with animals growing up. OR hearing of people with these issues.

So I am left to wonder if we just have craptacular luck in choosing animals or if this kind of thing is more prominent and people just don’t talk about it?

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