Ants. Shudder.



Normally ants would be on the bottom of my ick list (unless they were red ants, but I digress). But we’ve seen a few ants around the house lately, so have put ant traps (Terro) out. But last night, unbeknownst to me, I happened to drop a tiny piece of sugary food…so imagine my surprise when I later walked by that spot of food and saw *gasp* about 100 ants crawling around.


To say I freaked would be somewhat of an understatement. I called Tom (who is out of town for five days) and asked were the ant traps were. Whereas, at any other time, I would have looked in two places for them (one of which where they actually were). Even after he told me where to look, I had to ask again because I already forgot what he told me (because I was so freaked).

I am not quite sure why the ants freaked me out so much…I know they are harmless, Owen wasn’t up (to get into them), and it’s not like they were going to attack me or suddenly multiply in size. So I cleaned up the crumb and put an ant trap there. In the morning, the ant trap was FULL of ants but I could still see some squirming/crawling around.


I am now wondering if we should ask the landlord to call the exterminator? I mean, we do not have a dirty house, with food laying out to attract ants (before this incident, it was maybe an ant or two once a week). We have never had ant issues before, EVER, anywhere we’ve lived. Does it being winter have anything to do with it? Meaning they don’t want to be outside so are finding any way in?



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