Our good deed for the month.

We just did our good deed for the month: We’re letting our renters out of their lease commitment early without penalty.

Legally their lease ends on January 31, but the lease still requires them to give written notice, because the lease automatically goes month-to-month if nothing new is signed. They apparently gave a “kinda sorta hopeful” verbal notice to our real estate agent in December and casually mentioned to our property manager a week or so ago that they were moving to base housing—but they didn’t actually turn anything in in writing. Until about two days ago.

So, legally, we can hold them to the next 30 days of rent. It works out to just 12 days worth—but it’s still $600 (a decent chunk of money)! Especially since we have no buyers or renters on the horizon, which means we’ll be hemorrhaging $1500 a month (again) until it’s sold or rented.

Let me just say if they weren’t Marines, and one of them wasn’t currently on an apparently very dangerous deployment, we’d hold them to it.

Karma better help us out on this one…

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