Off to the ER again.

Tom woke up this morning in pain and told me he was staying home from work. He said he had major stomach cramps, couldn’t stay out of the bathroom, and couldn’t keep anything down. We thought it might be food poisoning (although we ate most of the same stuff) or the flu…so he tried to sleep it off. He came down a few hours later and said he was going to the hospital because he was STILL in major pain—and now it felt like his kidneys hurt.

I told him I could take him, but he said he was okay to drive himself—and I had to stay home with Owen.

Turns out he had kidney stones. Or, well, a major kidney stone. He was on major drugs and got a cat scan and the doc said the stone was 4-5mm. That is huge. He said they were going to keep him until it passed…and as the day wore on, he said they were keeping him overnight and if he didn’t pass it, they would have to use a stent.

Owen and I went and visited him for about an hour (and took him his phone charger) and that perked him up. He is indeed spending the night, and now we’re just waiting to see what happens.

I am taking full advantage of the house being totally quiet and going to bed early, and hopefully Tom will be released first thing in the morning (if all goes well).

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