2009 USMC Birthday Ball

The ball was a little different than last year…the tickets were a bit more (although still a good deal, considering they included dinner, an open bar, and the hotel room) and there were no giveaways because they lost a huge sponsor that they had last year. That said, we had an awesome time.

Of course, I was excited because I could drink this year—as last year I was pregnant! I wasn’t sure what my drink of choice would be, because typically a hotel open bar doesn’t have anything I really like, and get stuck drinking Vodka & Cranberry. But, this year they had Monster…which is similar to Red Bull…which I love with vodka…so I discovered a new drink and enjoyed them thoroughly all night! Probably a few too many, but damn it was fun.

Danced a bit, drank a bit, made some new friends (which I am sooooo excited about), and was in bed by midnight! Unfortunately, I forgot to take my Tylenol PM before I fell asleep, so I woke up in the middle of the night with a smashing headache, but wasn’t about to take a Tylenol PM at that point, so I just laid there and suffered, hoping I would fall asleep again…wondering how I could get my hands on any type of pill to take. About 6:30 Tom finally woke up and told me he had packed Excedrin! Ugh! If only I had known that when I first woke up!! The rest of the day was a great reminder of why I don’t drink like that anymore. XX(

Here is the official pic, copied and pasted from the photographer’s website. I hate it, of course. He took three pics and this was the best, and I still hate it. Aside from the fact I look pregnant, LOL, I hate that you can see the flag stands. Oh well.

Official 2009 Ball Photo

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