Unemployment Updates

So I’ve been dutifully filling out my weekly certifications for unemployment, when one week in mid-July I submitted my answers and got a message that [paraphrasing] I would not be receiving benefits due to one of my answers, and that I might receive a phone call to sort it out.

Of course, I couldn’t go back to see what answer I had accidentally messed up, so I was at a loss. I know there is a “review your answers” screen but I swear I looked over it and nothing was wrong. I obviously missed something while rereading my answers, as nothing in my status has changed. I waited all week to receive a phone call, but never did. I sent in a fax, hoping that would prompt a response, but still got no response. I kept filing my weekly certifications, and each time, I got this message:

Your claim has been accepted but cannot be processed for payment because there is an issue on your claim pending an eligibility ruling. A determination will be made and mailed to you and your claim will be processed accordingly.

So I waited for my “determination” to be mailed. Well, fast forward A MONTH AND A HALF and I still hadn’t heard anything! I know they are slow, but that is ridiculous…so I decided to call.

After waiting on hold for 20 minutes, I explained my issue (NOT RECEIVING BENEFITS!) and the rep said “Oh, here it is, you answered that you DID refuse work that week.” She asked if I if I did and I said no, I didn’t, the mouse must have slipped when I was filling out the form! She was really nice, laughed, and said “That happens.” Then she fixed it and said my benefits will get released tomorrow…all 1½ months worth!! YAY!

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