Secretary of State – Ugh.

So Tom has to change license plates. Well, let me rephrase. He wants to go back to his Michigan State University license plate vs. the North Carolina license plate he got when he bought the car.

Of course, it’s a total PITA to get to the SOS with his schedule, so I figured that I would just call the out-of-state military resident line to hopefully just change our address (which is what we did to change us to an out-of-state address) but noooooooooo…since we are in the state we have to go in and fill out paperwork. :crazy:

I should have just lied and said we were moving back soon and here’s our new address. But then with my luck, she would have just said “Well just wait until you actually move here and come into the office.”

I know if you could just change you address on the phone, everyone would do it. But we’re not everyone, we are military. Cut us some freaking slack.


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