My $200 Lesson

So this morning Tom came back in the house to tell me I had left the car door open so the light was on—so I had better check the battery when I got up. I was still very drowsy (it was 5am after all) but I was pretty certain there was no way I had left the door open enough to leave the light on. But I didn’t think too much about it since I know I had gone back out to the car for something in the afternoon.

Fast forward to Tom coming back home about 6:30 to shower because he forgot his towel. He started the car to test it and it was fine.

Fast forward to me leaving to do some errands, and the first thing I noticed is that my iPod is missing—the tape adapter cord was lying on the passenger seat NOT ATTACHED TO ANYTHING.

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So, the one night I forget to lock the car AND left iPod out… Yeah, Tom gets on me about keeping the car locked, and I am usually quite good about it—and the few times I’ve forgotten, he has remembered. But not last night. And I also just happened to start using the iPod again last week after about a six-month hiatus. :no:

The thing that confused me is that they didn’t take the GPS—which was right there between the seats. But after some thought, we figured that Tom must have scared them off when he opened the garage door at 5am—they must have been in the car right then, and then skedaddled when the door started opening, and just left the door ajar (with the light on).


Yes, I know technically it was my fault…but still.


I went to file a report (just so it would be on record, we know we will never see the iPod again and we’re not filing an insurance claim) and the cops all but laughed at me, saying they know they have troubles in our area…and we need to take valuables inside. :roll: I didn’t have the serial number, which the cop said I really had to have if they ever happened to find it. So I brought the form home and had to get the S/N from within iTunes (one saving grace—I didn’t even know it kept that info). So, I will end up filing a report, just in case.


So that was my $200 lesson for the day.


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