It’s a small world!

So a few weeks ago we learned (realized) that an old friend of my mom’s lives somewhat close by (maybe 30 minutes away)…and that we actually lived in their old neighborhood! (Lyssa and my mom have been friends since before I was born and they lived down the street from each other in Grayling.)

Since my mom was here helping out with Owen (while Tom was away at training) we thought it would be the perfect time for Lyssa to come visit. Of course we were talking about babies and doctors and whatnot, and she asked who my OB was. I told her, not really thinking anything about it—I mean, she’s been in the area for 15 years so maybe she had heard of her—but thinking most likely it was just general conversation. Until her eyes widened and said “No way!” Yep, it was her OB, too! And my doc had delivered one of her kid’s babies!

Small world!

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