I just never know…

I have always been emotional.

Yes, I am one that can cry at a Hallmark or coffee commercial.

And with my extreme love of animals, I have to fast forward through any shelter or animal-abuse type commercial (those might actually start me bawling).

And most things military-related are bad.

And of course now I have a hard time watching anything with babies (there is a vaccination commercial that gets me every time).

And if you’re crying about something in my presence, I’m likely to start crying, too.

Of course, I just never know when I will read or see or hear something that will set off the waterworks…but it’s generally not hard.

Today, it was this…a simple “doodle” entry for a contest Google is having:

Time to Go Home

There are heroes who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect their nations. My wish for the world is for all these military heros to be able to take off their uniforms, lay down their guns, hang up their boots, and come home to their families.

Name: Demitri Miller
Age: 18
City, State: Aztec, NM


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