Michigan Weather!

So yesterday it got to be probably 85°.

Now, you would think that after the yucky cold winter we just had that we would have loved yesterday. Well, we really didn’t because it was just too warm.

And this house is (we just learned) annoying when windows are open and it’s at all breezy. You see, the windows open from side to side and upstairs? The blinds all open up and down…meaning that you have to have the blinds all completely open so that the breeze doesn’t hit them and bang them around. And even if you do that, the cord/cabling system is not hooked down, so that then flies around and smacks the wall as well. Very irritating.

That said, most of the downstairs get good cross-ventilation—except, of course, for the room we are in the most: the living room (kind of like our house in NC where the living room got the worst A/C flow of the entire house). There is a nice big window in the living room, but of course the big heavy couch is in front of it so you have to climb on the couch to heave open the window (because, of course, that window doesn’t slide easily). But it is under the awning, so we can leave the window open when it rains.

But this house gets WARM. It wasn’t really even THAT warm or humid yesterday—and the day even got cooled off by a thunderstorm mid-afternoon—but the house was WARM. And upstairs was worse. Poor Owen—first his room is too cold so we buy a heater…now it’s too warm and we’re NOT buying a portable air conditioner so he will have to make do with a fan. We got out a fan for our room, too—as well as a fan in the living room.

Needless to say WE MISS CEILING FANS. This house would be a lot more bearable weather-wise with ceiling fans.

We are not looking forward to warmer weather. We do have A/C, but we’re sure something will be wrong with it, LOL.

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