Sometimes, you just want to scream. Mostly when a bunch of little things irritate you within a short period of time.

Like today.

  • It was raining, which was a pain in the butt for running errands with the boy. Normally no big deal, but it was the start of things.
  • The sections of couch will NOT stay in place, and I am constantly moving them back where they should be. We thought the carpet piece would help, but it doesn’t. Again, this is not a big deal, but it happens day after day after day after day after day…
  • Things are constantly falling in between the sections—today, it was my cell phone (twice) which I try to keep near me at all times. Sometimes I put it in the basket (which houses most of my day-to-day essentials) but I had just set it down because Tom had called.
  • Charlie, my lover lap kitty, wanted attention at the same time I was feeding Owen, and she would not leave me alone.
  • Of course, when I say “feeding Owen” I mean ATTEMPTING to feed Owen, because he was being supremely fussy and wiggly and although he was hungry (he was giving me the snorting cry) he would not settle down enough to actually eat.
  • I decided to try and watch a Netflix movie that has been sitting here for over a week—and normally it’s no big deal to watch something on TV. I mean, I watch TV on a daily basis with the kid awake and/or feeding him or whatnot. But not today, apparently. After having to rewind the movie three times in the first five minutes…I gave up.
  • Oh, and I have kept forgetting to reprogram the remote, so when you hit “watch DVD” everything changes correctly EXCEPT the receiver, which doesn’t get the correct sound input…normally not a big deal, except I had JUST sat down to feed the boy, and he was being cranky and the cat was nudging me for attention and I had just dropped my phone between the couch sections…so I got up (keeping the bottle in his mouth—a feat in itself!) and fixed the sound, got myself reseated on the couch, and then noticed…
  • I had dropped both burp cloths AND the boppy (both of which I need during feeding).
  • In the meantime, Owen has cranked it up two notches and was SCREAMING but REFUSING to eat.
  • And on top of all this, I have apparently forgotten how to deal with a period and I will leave it at that.


So I put the boy in his crib (well, pack-and-play), gave him a pacifier, turned his mobile on…and that seemed to be the answer.

In the resulting quiet, I was able to clean up the kitchen a bit (including put away most of my Target bags from this morning), change the laundry, and just sit and enjoy the silence.

And I just realized I could have been watching the movie this whole time. |-|

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