I hate lazy, stupid people.

So I was just at Target and pulling in, a woman coming towards me stopped and put her blinker on. I notice the empty spot she was eyeing, and motioned her in (I needed a spot near the corral so I could snag a cart to put the boy in—but I wouldn’t have taken the spot anyway. But that’s neither here nor there).

So I go to a space about 10 slots down, go grab a cart, unload the boy, get the cart and his diaper bag situated, and start towards the store. The woman, who so desperately wanted that space, was STILL pulling in. Apparently, there were a bunch of carts in that spot, and she took the time to stop pulling in, move them ALL into the roadway, then pull her car in—AND LEFT ALL THE CARTS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE >:XX >:XX LANE.

So I get in the store and am printing out a bridal registry, when she comes in and stops at customer service—of course jumping ahead of others waiting to tell the clerk that someone needs to go out and get some carts that are in the middle of the road.

What a >:XX asshat.

It’s 65 out today. And sunny. And gorgeous. And she was maybe 35 and looked to be in good health. Yet she needed that closer spot and then felt the need to be annoying and push all the carts into the middle of the lane so that others would be inconvenienced, and then cut in line no less to tell someone to go take care of it.

I hate people like her.

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