Turkey Noodle Soup

I have only made chicken noodle soup once in my life, so when mom and David were here and cooked a turkey, and then simmered the bones for me to make soup…well, I was a bit overwhelmed thinking about it.

Mom assured me it would be easy.

Ha, I thought, easy for her to say, since she makes soup all the time.

So we picked the meat off the bones and set the broth/meat mixture in the refrigerator overnight so I could skim off the fat.

And then it was up to me. 88|

So today I skimmed the fat and started it heating.

Then I sweated a mirepoix (yeah, it sounds fancy, but all I did was fry some onions, carrots, and celery) with a heavy dose of salt and pepper, then added that.

After a quick taste, I added four bouillon cubes and two cups of water to the broth.

Then I added some thyme and poultry seasoning.

Then I cooked some egg noodles and added them.

I left it simmer for about 20 minutes.

The end result?


I would probably skip the thyme in the future, but it’s still good.

Wheeeeeeee! I did it!

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