Impossible to find a heater

So after we got our first heating bill of about $200—and only having had the thermostat set to about 67°—we decided to turn it down even more and try to find a small heater to heat just the living room (where we spend the most time).

The living room sits on a slab and is FREEZING. We have covered the bay window with plastic and we have plugged the fireplace with styrofoam, but it’s still cold (even before last week’s arctic cold front). On average, a thermometer registers 55-57°. 88| >:XX

We obviously don’t want anything expensive or anything that will crank up our electric bill. And we thought it would be easy to find a heater. Just do a bit of research then go buy one.



I think after two weeks, we’re on our fourth heater.

The first was the highly recommended DeLonghi mica panel radiator for $80 at Home Depot. I didn’t like it, as it didn’t seem to heat up the room enough. It’s a hard room to heat, though, as it’s open to the kitchen.

The next one we tried was a friend-recommended Vornado electric heater—for about $140. That didn’t heat up the room well, either. A few degrees, but I wanted more than a few degrees, because that only put it up to like 61° or so. And for that much money, I wanted better results.

The next one was a parabolic heat dish from Costco for $60—we had high hopes because it put out a lot of heat on the display. Just not when we got it home. Well, if you stood directly in front of it you got warm…just not the whole room.

The next was an oil-filled radiator from Lowes which pretty much everyone said would be perfect. Can I get a big HAHA on that one? We gave it the few hours to warm up and…nothing. Another few degrees to 61° was all we got.

So now we have no idea what to try next.

Stupid winter.

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