Homeowners Insurance – UGH – Part 3

I have honestly HAD IT UP TO HERE with homeowner’s insurance. Or maybe it’s Farm Bureau. Or just our local agents.

So Tom just called me to say they need a credit card for some authorization or whatnot. Fine. I assume it will be so we can pay the monthly $250. Fine. We decided we’d rather do that than have the bill sent to the mortgage company, so we don’t have to deal with a refund when the house sells or rents.

So he calls back and says “No! They wanted to charge the entire $3000!” Um, NOT. >:XX

So why the hell would they break it down into a monthly payment (in their email to us), if we are not allowed to make monthly payments? Give me a >:XX break. It’s like these people are telling us as little as humanly possible and then acting surprised when we have questions or are confused by something.

So now we apparently have seven days to get the mortgage company involved and payment made, so we don’t lapse coverage…which we could have been doing ALL THIS TIME had anyone told us we needed to do that.

I hate insurance companies.

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