Unexpected taste!

So I decided to have a PB&J sandwich for a snack. I had two choices of jam/jelly, both unopened, to choose from in the refrigerator. One was actually Tom’s choice (grape jelly) and one was a new one (Apple Cherry Spread) that I think we got from his mom for Christmas.

Mmmm, apple cherry sounded yummy. So I slathered it on, took a big bite, and—


There was something else in there.

I go grab the container to look at it and, yep, there was something else in there. In tinier print above the big APPLE CHERRY SPREAD was Picante something-or-other.


Yep, the ingredients listed apples, cherries, and…jalapenos. Tasty to be sure, but NOT for a PB&J sammich.

I tried to eat a few bites, but couldn’t do it. :(

I guess this spread will be a better fit for crackers.

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