Keys lost in the move.

So I finally decided that today was the day to finally put all our files back in the file cabinet. (Yes, unfortunately, they take them ALL out and pack them in boxes.) >:XX

Yes, I know it makes the file cabinet lighter, but what the hell difference does it make if the weight is concentrated in the file cabinet or if it’s dispersed throughout six small boxes? It’s not like they can’t pack/lift/move/transport heavy things. GRRRR. I know there must be a reason, but it still irritated me.

So anyway, Tom brought down all the boxes and I went to open the file cabinet and—oh crap! that’s right!—they had me lock the cabinet so the drawers didn’t pop open. And I distinctly remember locking it, taking the keys, and putting them….somewhere obvious so we’d know where they were. (We NEVER lock the file cabinet and the keys are always hanging from the lock.)

Of course, two months later, I have no earthly idea where the stupid keys are. I should have just put them on my keychain (obvious NOW) or taped them to the file cabinet—but at the time, wherever I put them made perfect sense.

I have searched all the places that seem obvious to me now (like my purse or the junk drawers) but pretty much every place I can think of where the keys might be are places/things that were originally packed—so I would not have put the keys there.

So I decided to check the HON website…and for $10 (shipped) I can get a new key. I figured it was worth it…and of course ordering new keys will mean I will find the original keys (because that’s how life works). But at least then we will have two sets.

2 thoughts on “Keys lost in the move.

  1. Mom says:

    that is the EXACT same thing that happened to David when he moved from Escanaba. Put the keys somewhere logical and not able to find them! All his stuff was in the cabinet though and we needed the title to his car to sell it. Same scenario, he called the company and got a duplicate. We finally found them. In a sack hanging from his closet door! Go figure! So, go look in a sack somewhere!

  2. Jen says:

    The funny thing is I can see me locking the cabinet, I can see me walking down the hall with the keys, and then… nothing. Blank.

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