Wow, all three fit!

So we are going to the USMC Birthday Ball this weekend.

No, we originally weren’t planning on it since we were moving up here, but apparently it’s almost a mandatory event for hubby’s new office, so we’re going…at $40 each. XX( We do get a hotel room included in that cost—which is nice since the hotel is an hour or so away—but it’s money we hadn’t planned on spending AND we had to get someone to watch the dog!


I was pretty sure at least one of my three dresses would still fit, since I was about the same size when I bought them five years ago.

The red one is my favorite, but I’ve worn it a lot—including each cruise and one or two balls.

The purple one I wore to my first ball, but the straps are annoying and it has a shawl that I never know how to hold or what to do with.

The champagne one I’ve never worn (and probably didn’t NEED to buy, but really HAD to buy because it was on clearance for like $35 and you don’t find nice dresses in my size on clearance too often—so it’s been in my closet for five years) but doesn’t look that great with my now-pasty-white skin. (I had been planning on wearing it THIS year, tanned…until I got pregnant and quit tanning.)

So I will probably end up in the red one, just because it’s my favorite. But it was nice knowing that all three fit!

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