Sucky work hours so far.

We knew Tom’s job would be long hours—we were told 6 days a week, probably 12 hours a day. And they weren’t kidding—at least so far.

I can honestly say I hate the hours. I am just not used to “I will be home at 6:30.”

Then “No, I will be home at 7:30.”

Monday it was even “Sorry, 8:30.” >:XX

You just can’t plan dinner for that type of timing…because it changes every day. At least if it was like 7:30 every day without fail…but no, of course not. Of course, it’s worse that I don’t get to see him much…I am used to him being home at an early hour (he was home 97% of the time when I got home at 5:15).

Bah humbug.

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