We now live in the middle of Polish country (well, 20 minutes from Hamtramck, which is the real center). This is good news for me since I now have easy access to pierogi—at the grocery store—other than Mrs. T’s!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully enjoy Mrs. T’s when I don’t have Len pierogies in the freezer, but those are rare—and few and far between. So I have to make do.

Since we have been here, I have been tempted a few times by other homemade-looking brands I see in the stores. And today I succumbed: I got the Kowalski brand Farmer’s Cheese version, even though they were easily 4x as expensive as a bag of Mrs T’s from Costco.

I was excited.

I came home and cooked them for lunch.



They were just about the most hideous things I’ve ever tasted. >:XX

They were SO bad I struggled to eat the four I had put on my plate—then tossed the rest. I know—normally sacrilege—but they were THAT bad.

They had some bizarre sweet taste, and the cheese had no resemblance (taste or texture) to any farmer’s cheese I had ever eaten. (Out of curiousity, I dug the package out of the garbage and the ingredients listed—are you ready?—COTTAGE CHEESE! How cottage cheese equals farmer’s cheese I have no idea.)

So, it was a big big big big disappointment.

Now I am scared to try other brands, although I am sure I will…eventually.

And we might have to have Mrs. T’s for dinner, just to get the other taste out of my mouth.

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