Cell phone companies suck.

And in other news, the grass is green and the sky is blue. |-|

We were excited to give up Tom’s cell phone (since he will be getting one through work) to save some money. I had planned to ditch our $80 family plan and had hoped to get a very cheap single plan. But what does it save us? Only $40/month. (Yes, it makes logical sense that giving up HALF our phones should net us HALF the bill, but I had hoped for a much cheaper plan.) But you see, once you get a cheaper plan with Alltel, you lose the MyCircle numbers (which I apparently use quite a few minutes of), so you need more minutes, which means a more expensive plan. It’s a catch 22. >:XX

And additionally, I may or may not have mentioned this already, but Alltel won’t cancel our accounts—even though the area we are being transferred DUE TO MILITARY ORDERS is not specifically an Alltel-covered area. What they “CAN do” is put our accounts on hold for the duration of Tom’s orders… what the hell sense does that make? :crazy: Just cancel the stupid accounts.

Ironically, we get great Alltel coverage in Troy, even though it’s not technically an Alltel area. And all of the other cell companies are spotty at best (from reviews I’ve read) and people in-the-know (on industry forums) have heavily suggested we keep Alltel.


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