Do we have to move here? Ugh.

Rentals here are NOT handled like I am used to. There seem to be NO property management departments. There seems to be a generic application you get from YOUR agent, and then they pass it on? (We haven’t actually done it yet—everything we’ve wanted has been taken.)

Right now we are still really pissed. Yesterday we FINALLY found the perfect house and said we wanted it. It was above our budget, but it was a million miles ahead of anything else we had seen, so it was worth it: three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, updated kitchen with a bar, huge panty and storage space, and a basement that seemed about twice the size of the house.

So, we were all exciting driving home, and checking the drive time to Tom’s office, when our agent called and said it was leased.


It seems (we are guessing) that the listing agent had someone in the wings already and just wanted the house shown again. The lease isn’t being signed until today at 5 and it didn’t sound like any money had been deposited….so in my mind, it’s still available. But apparently not.


And our agent is starting to get annoying (sorry Lori and Steven, LOL). I am sure she isn’t thrilled with us to start with, since we are renting instead of buying (i.e. less commission), and we have trusted her when she says “That’s too far away” or “You won’t like that area” because for the most part, she’s been right. But we went to “find” some of the houses on our own and they are NOT too far away and others she didn’t like we thought were okay. So apparently we’re not really on the same page.

She also seems to give up a little easy when trying to get in touch with agents. Most of the listings say nothing about pets, so you need to call to ask. So she assumes, if they don’t get back with her, that pets aren’t allowed. We want her to call again and find out for sure! I mean, we are getting desperate here! And one on our favorite list is only available for show on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so she says they’re too picky and probably won’t allow pets. Huh? :roll:

And this morning we got a guilt trip… Yesterday we had one more rental on our list to see, but we thought we had found our place so we opted not to see the last one. So today we asked if we could see it again, and she says “Well, you know that’s the one we cancelled yesterday…so I’d have to call the agent back and schedule another showing.” WELL, YES! We got screwed out of the house we wanted…so we want to look. What is wrong with that? But it was totally guilt-trippy. >:XX

I also think she’s a little irritated that we didn’t take the one OKAY one we saw (the one they had to get the okay for with the pets). Well, we could still take that one if there is nothing else (and that was our position all along) but she thought we were SET to take that one (i.e. we got a yes on pets, so she assumed we were done) so when we wanted to keep looking she was like “I thought you wanted that one?” and we were like “Not exactly. That was just the best of the worst we saw.” So instead of being “done” looking on Day #2 like she probably hoped, we are still dragging her around the county.

So, she is busy today—she says she might be available after 4. Wonderful. We have a feeling we are going to go home with no place to live, and will end up coming back here earlier than planned, so we have more time to look. It’s pretty impossible to look for rentals from North Carolina, since we have discovered we REALLY need to see them in person (and see what the neighborhoods look like and where they are) AND because the good rentals go VERY quickly. Steven and Lori offered to help us—to go take pictures or whatnot—but again, you have to make decisions quickly, and I hate to ask them to do that much work for us.

It would all be easier if we could spend $1800—there are a ton of awesome rentals in that price range. But that’s WAY above our budget, and with me not working, it’s just NOT possible.

So, the black cloud continues to follow us…

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