Depressing House Hunting, Day 2

Today was worse than yesterday, if you can believe it. We decided to up our budget to $1600 (vs. $1400) hoping it would net us some decent rentals.


They were just shitholes with more square footage. >:XX

I mean, I know we will have to make some concessions, but we are just not ready to pay a premium to live in a straight-from-the-70s-never-been-updated home.

We also looked at some resales—and those were even MORE disappointing. We are trying to keep the price down, so we were looking at some foreclosures… BAD IDEA. They were the worst shitholes of all. One we couldn’t even walk in because the smell was soooo bad. Even if we had found a decent one (or one of the MANY “short sales”) our agent said that trying to buy one was a nightmare—we might wait four months for an answer, and then STILL not get it. So all the short-sales (probably 75% of the market) are immediately out of the running.

There were about three or four new rentals that we had been excited about—that just came on the market—but, of course, they were already gone by the time we got around to calling on them. VERY FRUSTRATING.

On a somewhat positive note, we had a good lunch at Panera Bread. :P

Seriously, on a somewhat positive note, the very first rental we looked at—that we had deemed the ONLY one with any decent potential (and that’s saying a lot because it’s FAR from being even close to what we want)—came back with a “yes” for pets, so that is an option. It’s still too much money for what it is, and doesn’t have a fence (and can’t get one), and is so small we will have to sell half our furniture—but it at least falls within our BAH allowance and is about 15 minutes from Tom’s new office (hopefully, we haven’t tested it in traffic).

We are just so thoroughly disappointed with everything here…it’s very depressing. Which is sad because we were SO looking forward to it and were SO excited.

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