Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand my boss just screwed me. :x Deep down I love her and know she can be awesome, but sometimes the things she says/does just completely FLOOR me.

So…you know when I said that if they sold my house in-house it would be 0%? Yeaaaaah, NO. Any selling agent, including those in our office, gets 2%.

Overall I know it’s fair, but still, why didn’t she say anything before now?

I just went in to go over the paperwork, to make sure I typed the variable rate terms out correctly, and the big boss overhears talk about variable rates and she says “It’s not a variable rate” and the other boss (the agent I am working with) says “It most certainly is, it’s 2% to the selling agent, but if we sell it in-house it’s zero.”

She repeats that NO, it’s not a variable rate, ANY selling agent gets 2%, whether it’s someone outside our office OR one of our agents. The agent and I look at each other like “Um, okay” and he said “That’s not what we were thinking.”

She says “You mean to tell me that if your clients wanted two houses, and it was down to that one, you are going to tell them to take the one that doesn’t pay you?” He said yes, in this case. She was like WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? IT’S GIVING UP MONEY? He says “Because it’s Jen’s house?”

She about had a coronary.

So, apparently when we were discussing the rates before, and she was sitting right there with us, she either completely wasn’t listening or was completely ignoring us.

So, yes, I get that 2% to the selling agent is completely fair, and technically we are just not paying to LIST the house… but I thought the 0% in-house thing was just the “extra icing on the cake” FOR HAVING WORKED HERE ALMOST FOUR YEARS (and getting a somewhat low salary for ALL the work I do).

Yep, that black cloud is still hovering.

The agent did say he would do more thinking over the weekend and try to get the big boss to reconsider…but I know that won’t happen.

Oh well, at least we only have to pay 2% regardless.

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