Just Totally Unbelievable

Tom officially got orders to Detroit yesterday…and he’s supposed to check in no later than October 31, 2008.

Of course, things could change again at the drop of a hat, and he was still going to go talk to [someone]…so it may not be 100% guaranteed. But nothing like thinking about moving/selling/relocating within three months to freak you out.


My mind is whirring like crazy and it feels like my head is going to explode.

The thing that just gets me is that yes, I know the military doesn’t care what our life is like, they just know they want someone there and hubby fits the bill so he gets chosen. But it would, quite literally, create a major financial hardship for us.

Houses here aren’t selling. Houses in our price range sell, on average, in about six to nine months (unless you price it to lose money, which we obviously can’t do financially-speaking). So making us move to Michigan within three months, where we will obviously need to pay rent/another mortgage, without having sold our house, is ludicrous. There is no earthly way we can afford two mortgages, especially if they just made me quit MY job. It just flat out doesn’t make sense and, frankly, pisses me off.

As a sidenote, he wouldn’t actually be an on-the-streets/in-the-schools actual recruiter. He would be the Operations guy, doing all the planning/scheduling/etc., and making sure it all runs smoothly. Completely non-IT-related. So nothing he can bring ANY of his experience to.

It’s crazy. They like to tell us they looked at a bunch of people and compared everyone and whatever, and determined that HE was the best qualified.


They looked at a list, pointed their finger at someone, and said “this guy.”

Tom then called to tell me the latest RIDICULOUS statement. He was talking to someone (I believe a Major in charge of the monitor program) about not being able to sell the house that quickly, that we talked to a Realtor and it’s averaging 6-9 months, yada yada yada, and the guy said “Well, you have three options. One, be a geobatchelor [which means I stay here and he goes there, not sure how that works money wise but it’s not an option for us]. Two, sell your house for a loss. Or three [and this is the doozy], you can foreclose on your mortgage.”

What the hell kind of military advisor advises someone to FORECLOSE ON A MORTGAGE? Completely asinine.

This BS is precisely why we were going to get out of the military. It’s ridiculous.

Oh, also…if he takes this “three year” job they’re forcing on him? He is, effectively, being shoved out of the marine corps, because he will miss the opportunity (twice) to take the schooling he would need to become Major. Talk about a kick in the ass. (Not that he was planning on staying in that long, but just the fact that they don’t know that, and are still sending him here… Ugh.)

He also found out he cannot drop his papers (i.e. tell them he wants to get out) now. Because he has actual PCS orders, and you can’t do that when you have orders. You have to do it before you officially get orders. How convenient.

The only other option, he said, is REFUSING orders, and he’s not sure exactly what that entails or means. From what we have gathered, it wouldn’t actually do that much or be that detrimental…it would, of course, effectively end his career, but he wasn’t planning on staying in to retirement anyway. He would have to stay here a bit longer, but then we could continue on with our previous plans of him looking for a job and us moving in about six months.

I told him to ask what if he has a special needs family member…if I was a high-risk pregnancy, maybe that would keep us here. (Chances are decent I might be. I have an appointment in two weeks that might help determine that.)

So, needless to say we’re stressed. Tom should find out more Monday, but until then, we’re trying NOT to think about it. If we have to move, there is just SO much to do—and Tom doesn’t have the time and I don’t have the energy.

Stay tuned.

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