Dead Breaker

So I was getting ready to go to bed Sunday night and flipped the switch to turn the ceiling fan on—and there was a quiet popping sound and everything went dead. I assumed I just tripped a breaker, although nothing unusual was plugged in that I thought would overload it. Tom went down and reset it—or should I say tried to reset it, but it never turned on. The lights flickered like they wanted to come on, but they wouldn’t. He reset the master switch and…nothing. So half the upstairs was without power.

Tom thought he could just replace the breaker (amp? whatever) and I said “Are you sure we shouldn’t just call an electrician?” So we did, and he went through some troubleshooting with Tom (YAY! FREE!), and it turns out, we are pretty sure it’s the ceiling fan gone bad, because even with everything else unplugged, turning the fan on janked it up.

So tonight we are off to buy a new (cheap) ceiling fan and hopefully that will be the only expense. Otherwise, it’s another call to the electrician and most likely a pricey visit.

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