How many more months?

We have a new keybox system. I was told by the bosses there would be no need for me to keep an inventory any longer. YAY!

Except now they ARE talking about keeping a list of the keyboxes and they are trying to figure out how to do it…which is fine, except OF COURSE they aren’t even considering asking me what I think, since I will be the one keeping the list. I just get to overhear their conversation from where I sit.

Much like when they were considering new means of advertising, which involved a new computerized method of submission, and they didn’t even think to even ask me what my thoughts were.

And it doesn’t matter if I try to speak up and give my opinion, because it won’t matter. Yes, they might listen, but will not take anything I say seriously.

Now you see why I have given up.

And in other news, long story short, my boss has NO sympathy for me whatsoever. After I told her I was pregnant, and how I had felt like shit pretty much 24×7 the past five weeks, she pretty much told me to “suck it up.” Yes, in her joking yet laughing yet totally serious way she has. Isn’t that lovely?

I guess you could argue it wasn’t the very first thing she said. I mean, she did make some small talk asking if we were excited, how far along I was, etc., and then pretty much said “Get up and walk around, you will feel better. That’s what worked for me.”

Which, yes, I appreciate the advice, but like what she does with everything else, she equates it to HER experience and assumes everyone will be just like her. She said she felt bad when she woke up, ate a few crackers, then felt fine. I said yeah, that doesn’t work for me. Then I mentioned that she might see me catnapping at my desk, or have my head in my hands, and THAT is when she said I just needed to “suck it up.”

I don’t need this. I really don’t.

A day or so later, when I actually felt EVEN WORSE, she made a comment to the effect of “Get used to it…you did this to yourself!”

Love it. Just freakin’ love it. :|

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