My first attempt at Fried Green Tomatoes – meh.

So we had some casualties when Tom repotted our tomato plants yesterday:

So I thought I would make some fried green tomatoes. I googled for a recipe, and the first one I found sounded fine – basically cut them, S&P them, coat them in corn meal, and fry in bacon grease.

Step 1 – they look good waiting to be fried:

The first batch I overcooked because the tomatoes were actually yellow, plus I cooked them too long and they got too brown. But the second batch was actually green, and seemed to be going well:

But the overall result was, simply, MEH. Blah. Boring. Completely different than what I have had in local restaurants. I think I need a different coating, so I guess I am off to google more (if we have more casualties—no way I am going to pick green tomatoes on purpose). I am thinking an egg and flour coating?

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