Exploding Grill

Subtitled: Tom almost blew himself up today.

I knew he was getting around to starting the grill and I was upstairs just getting ready to come downstairs when I heard a combination WHOOMPF and something that sounded like a heavy object falling. Or hell, it could have been someone shooting a big gun in the distance (yes, it does happen). Or it could have been a thunderstorm starting. I did have a VERY fleeting thought that something happened with the grill, because the WHOOMPF kinda sounded like the one time our neighbor lit our bonfire with a half gallon of kerosene… but then thought Nah, hubby knows what he’s doing with the grill.

So I walked into the kitchen and saw Tom out on the deck in a half daze and the grill was sitting VERY off kilter. He came in and said the grill had just exploded!

88| 88| 88|

Apparently the flame went out after he had lit it so he went back to light it again (just turn the “ignition” knob which creates the spark), and left the lid down because he assumed it had JUST gone out, but apparently it had been out for some time and there was too much gas build up, so the top exploded and he said the entire grill lifted the deck and then came crashing down (so I did hear two distinct sounds). And it’s a BIG grill. That must have been SOME force.

The hair on one of his arms is almost all singed off—oh, the smell! XX(—but luckily that was all. It could have been much, much, MUCH worse.

Apparently we have the miracle grill, because it has already survived a fall off the moving trailer at 35mph (with only about $50 in new parts required) and now it is still in working condition even being blown up and lifted into the air (although it looks a little worse for the wear).

The moral of the story? ALWAYS air out the area first, no matter WHAT you think.

The other moral? Buy a Holland Grill!

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