Amazing Storm

Yeah, it was raining and the wind was picking up…so Tom was out turning the grill off (we decided there was no point, with the wind gusting like it was).

So I kept on making my potato salad, and let me just tell you…there’s nothing quite like looking out on the deck and seeing your patio table and umbrella flying across the porch and pinning your husband against the railing. 88|

The winds had suddenly gusted quite a bit stronger and pretty much came out of nowhere.

Hubby is okay, and he managed to get the table and umbrella back down without breaking anything. One metal tomato stake is a little worse for the wear—and I got a little drenched hurriedly hauling chairs into the house so they didn’t end up in the lawn—but otherwise everything survived.

And, of course, within 10 minutes, the wind had died down completely and it even stopped raining. |-|

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