A Saturday afternoon with Marsha!

So we decided we HAD to get out of the house and do something before Marsha left! The only thing going on locally was an air show at New River Air Station.

Now, the air show wasn’t something I would normally care to attend, but seeing as how 1) we have been here five years and have never been to one, 2) it is local and requires basically no drive time, and 3) we wanted to do something with Marsha… we went.

And honestly? It was much neater than I thought it would be. It was really impressive seeing the planes and helicopters up close and personal…

On a related note… we have friends that are pilots. In my mind, I know that’s a big deal and very impressive—but actually being there, being able to walk up to the helicopters and planes, see how big they are, seeing them being flown above our heads… well, it was just ever more impressive to me and I have an even bigger respect for our friends now. (Of course, it’s tempered by the fact that I know they can just be silly drunken boys at times, too… which is a big contrast from my image of them as an impressive pilot, LOL.)

We didn’t stay for the whole show—we didn’t have chairs (forgot to get ours from a friend’s house), didn’t really want to have to sit on the ground, and there wasn’t space in the bleachers. The weather wasn’t too bad, either—a bit warm when the wind died down, but fortunately it rarely died down so there was a nice breeze.

After that, we stopped to have lunch, and then Marsha wanted to get some souvenirs from the base, so it was off to Lejeune. Then it was home for some rest (and a nap!) and then off to Roger and Ursula’s for dinner and a movie, where Marsha had a ball seeing Virgina and Caroline!

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