10# of burgers!

So, this morning we made 10# of various burgers:

  • Ranch burgers
  • Onion soup and mozzarella cheese burgers
  • Jalapeño and cheddar cheese burgers
  • Feta and pecan burgers
  • Southwestern cheeseburgers (southwestern seasoning, smoke seasoning, and mexican cheese blend)

We froze most of them, but dinner tonight was the jalapeño/cheddar, and I have to admit I was not thrilled. It was an okay burger—I gave it a 6/10—but it definitely did NOT taste like the store-bought version

So, what did I do? Simply chopped up two jalapeños and dumped in some shredded cheddar cheese. The end. So, there was no WOW factor—you could see the tiny chunks of green jalapeños, but there was barely even any jalapeño taste and I really couldn’t discern any cheese flavor, either. I am thinking I may need to include some of the seeds (for the hot?) and maybe include some jalapeño juice as well, to give a more in-depth flavor. :-/ And I probably need to use larger shredded cheese (I used the really small stuff). (Or try Monterey Jack, like the original burgers.)

Or, duh, I could have just googled “jalapeño burgers” and see that a lot of recipes call for chili powder and/or habañero dust. |-| So, we still need to work on those. Any other advice? :?:

Tomorrow we will be trying the feta/pecan because I didn’t think the feta would freeze that well.

Oh, and we completely forgot to do the bacon/chorizo/onion burgers because I didn’t even think about frying the stuff ahead of time. That will be the next batch.

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