Red Lobster? Not again anytime soon.

Marsha picked Red Lobster for her birthday lunch. Of course, she was going on the thought that HER Red Lobster has great service and good food… We have had varied experiences there, but we thought we’d give it a shot and hope for the best.

Needless to say, we don’t need to go back to this Red Lobster anytime in the future.

We only had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated (not bad) but it got worse from there. The service sucked—a waitress didn’t even approach us until we had been sitting there almost 5-7 minutes (and in the meantime, we saw two girls arguing over who would take our table—then it took another 3 or so minutes after that for someone to actually come over).

And then the waitress was slow, talked too softly, and didn’t really seem to care. Tom and I ordered the Endless Soup & Salad, thinking “How could they screw that up?”

Well, some of the lettuce in our salads was half wilted, the soups were lukewarm at best, and we didn’t get the biscuits until about minute 35 (after everyone was done with their salads and before the meals came out). Marsha said the breaded shrimp was dry, the breaded fish was inedible, the tartar sauce was bad, and she didn’t really like the other thing she got (I forget what it was).

When the waitress came back to refill drinks, she made a comment about needing to bring us more ice, so didn’t fill the drinks to the top—but then never came back with ice.

To make matters worse, a table of eight that was seated after us (right next to us) had a different waitress and got drink and appetizer orders taken with two minutes of being seated—so we were even more ticked at the poor service.

The manager did come over to ask how things were, but at that point we were just on our salads, so the worst hadn’t even come yet—and to be honest, we didn’t want to upset anyone mid-meal, LOL, for fear of what could potentially happen.

As we all agreed, we’ve had far better and far worse meals. So we left a bad tip AND a full comment card with our phone number and copy of the receipt.

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