So I made an apple pie today.

And I now know why I am not a baker—I apparently have no instinct and can’t follow directions.

I had been craving apple pie lately, and had no idea where to buy a “good” one in town, so thought it wouldn’t be that hard to make my own… Ha.

I didn’t want to wait the 15 minutes to bring the pre-made crust (yes, I was cheating!) to room temperature, so microwaved it on defrost like the directions said, but overcooked it so it was melty and soft and wasn’t that nice.

Then I decided to pre-bake it…following the directions for a one-crust pie instead of the two-crust pie. :roll:

I had too many apples, so had to quickly come up with a streusel topping for the leftovers, but we didn’t have enough butter so that was a crapshoot as well.

The three recipes I was looking at all had EXTREMELY varying amounts of sugar and flour, so I winged it. Completely forgetting that someone said to just use the recipe on the dough box.

That said, both of them smelled and looked good…and they passed the taste test, so all was well.

The best thing, though, was that I took the leftovers to our neighbors, the ones who were awesome to me when I sprained my ankles, and he just called to say it was “killer” so I guess I did well. :>>

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