I cannot wait until…

we have a dedicated place for everything, so I can keep everything in its place. Today? My wish is for a pantry.

I ran out of paper towels today. I know I bought a HUGE pack of them at Sam’s Club a few weeks ago—but do you think I can find them? I mean, how many places could I hide 12 rolls of paper towels in this house? I thought I knew exactly where they were—where Tom and I have always kept extras (in a storage bin in the garage). Nope, not there. Hmmm, okay. I checked the second place they might be—still on the garage floor, waiting to be put away somewhere. Nope, not there (the toilet paper is there, though!). The third? Fourth? Fifth obvious places? HA. Nope. The joke’s on me.

SO WHERE CAN THEY BE? :roll: Now I’m starting to wonder if I even bought them…but I KNOW I did.

Oh, but I did find my camera from a few posts back—on my desk, where I thought it was—I had just overlooked it in my rush to find it.

So, in our next house? I want a real pantry. A monstrous pantry. Something bigger than half a coat closet where I can put a 12-pack of paper towels or a case of cream of chicken soup, so I don’t have to store them throughout the house or in the garage.

UPDATE (5:16pm)

I found them. They were in the garage, just in a spot on the other side of the car. Not right next to the spot I originally anticipated finding them…but on the same wall. I obviously put them there because that’s as close as I could get them to the proper spot without backing the car out.

As I said, MONSTROUS pantry. :)

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