Computer Woes Downgraded to Computer Annoyances

There aren’t really many woes at this point (since most of my info is transferred and nost of my software is reinstalled), just annoyances.

Windows Vista has some great new features (photo handling, search capability), but some of the things are REALLY different and are taking some getting used to (a few folders in different places, a different style start menu). Also, there are certain programs of mine that just WILL NOT install—luckily they aren’t life or death programs (like software to backup my cell phone address book), but I do need them so I have to keep messing with it.

Right now, the new computer is still hooked up on Tom’s monitor/desk, but I am thinking that by tonight, I will move it over to my desk so I can have my keyboard and mouse back (I hate the ones that came with the computer, but left the good ones attached to my old computer since I am still using it quite a bit—posting this entry from there, actually). I still need to have my old computer running for a bit, just in case I find something I didn’t transfer or some settings I need to look up.

I do have to say a big PHEW! to our backup hard drive, though. I used it to transfer all our pictures and music and documents (etc.)—which, in and of itself was great. But then, I accidentally deleted a huge folder (probably 50GB of stuff) and since it was too big for the deleted bin, it erased it completely! Backup hard drive to the rescue!!

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